American Exceptionalism

There has long been an idea of American Exceptionalism. The American Dream. Manifest Destiny. We’ve all seen Will McAvoy’s infamous answer to “Is America the greatest nation on earth?” during the pilot of The Newsroom. In 2009 President Obama said: “I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British…

Millennial voting in 2014 Midterm elections

A Post-Midterm Message for Millennials: Despite Small Gains, Our Fight Is Far from Over

Whether you have spent the past few weeks hot on the campaign trail or generally disengaged from the political process, election season is inescapably exhausting for everyone. As a grassroots campaigner, much of my fall semester was spent having conversations with the electorate while canvasing neighborhoods, making phone calls and registering individuals to vote. In…


MACPAC Announces Gun Raffle

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Boards of Directors of Mountain Area Citizens’ PAC (MACPAC) is pleased to announce their first ever gun raffle. “Who doesn’t enjoy a good gun raffle? You just can’t beat two dollar tickets at these odds,” said Timothy Elkin, President of MACPAC. MACPAC will be raffling a Yugoslavian AK-47: 400 tickets, with…


Colligate Schooling, Results May Vary

In contemporary America, almost everyone is allotted the opportunity to attend some form of post K-12 schooling. There are many reasons for this. We have a greater number of schools providing education, so it’s more readily available. We have improved technology, allowing for easier access to online schooling, making schooling more convenient. And most prominently,…

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