Buncombe County Courthouse

MACPAC: Open Letter to Commissioner Fryar

Commissioner Fryar, It has come to my attention that instead of spending $500,000 on an art museum that you believe that the funds would be better spent on a public gun range. It is my sincere request that you consider eliminating the expenditure rather than re-allocating the funds. It is as inappropriate to ask the…

Secure Your Smartphone

Secure Your Smartphone

In light of recent events regarding Apple versus the FBI, smartphone security has come to the forefront. As average Americans, we carry some of life’s most sensitive information on our smartphones. They contain private messages, emails, financial data, GPS location, and even the location of our friends, family and children. If you’ve kept up with…


NOMAD Pod Review

Looking for a mobile charging solution for Apple Watch wearers constantly on the go? We take a look at the charging Pod by NOMAD. Soon after purchasing my Apple Watch, I found that battery life on the go was a major problem. I normal day’s use for me is roughly 50-60% battery, which isn’t a…

Millennial voting in 2014 Midterm elections

Brannon’s Trump Problem

In 2014 Greg Brannon distinguished himself from the very full North Carolina U.S. Senate race by establishing himself as the extremely knowledgeable constitutionalist.  As an accomplished physician, there was no doubt of his intelligence, and he never missed an opportunity to teach during stump speeches and debates. National attention from Glenn Beck, Freedomworks, and Senators…


The Establishment Fallacy

The 2016 election cycle is fueled by a war against the Establishment. On both sides of the aisle there is a rallying cry to tear down the Establishment at all costs. While filled with little substance, candidates chant their anti-Establishment mantras and are met with thunderous applause. The problem is, the Establishment is a yeti….


Bird Island Reserve & Kindred Spirit Mailbox

Few places, especially coastal beachfronts, are completely untouched my commercial development. Tucked away at the Southeastern-most corner of North Carolina is a well-kept, pristine secret, Bird Island. What was once a standalone island, can now be accessed by foot thanks to years of hurricane activity. Just one major rule applies to the public: don’t disturb…


Battleship North Carolina

The USS North Carolina is a very prominent landmark of the Cape Fear River across from Downtown Wilmington. Living there for nearly five years, I saw it constantly, but never made the trip over to explore the memorial. In an attempt to see everything North Carolina has to offer in the next year (or so),…

Google OnHub Router

Google OnHub Router Review

This post is sponsored by Douglas Media Group: Wifi routers are liberating, but can be a giant pain in the rear. Namely, to setup them up is a trying task for even the intermediate computer user. It generally requires the login to some IP address from a connected computer, and then navigation through archaic menus…


AppleTV Review

The following post is sponsored by Douglas Media Group: Cord cutting is a growing trend, especially among younger consumers. This trend consists of ditching traditional cable providers in favor of digital replacements. Most content is then just streamed to a television or other device via the internet. Insert the AppleTV. A popular streaming device for the…

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